Review: Mirrors & Mist

Mirrors & Mist (The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy Book 2) - C.M. Skiera

Mirrors & Mist, the second book of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy, continues the story of the orphan Jetsam and the "kingslayer" Seryn. While Jetsam finally has a chance to learn magic under the tutelage of Seryn, his training is interrupted when Seryn is captured and taken back to Dwim-Halloe. Jetsam must now help Seryn escape certain death and discover the truth of King Tygan's murder before the secrets of the past are lost forever.

CM Skiera has managed to write another spellbinding tale, expanding on the first adventure while also tying in Seryn's past. Not only are we able to see the events unfolding that led to the banishment of magic in Dwim-Halloe, we also learn how the paths of Seryn and Jetsam are woven together through the teachings and loyalty of Jetsam's parents. Interspersing the present with past memories helps keep the story moving forward quickly without feeling as if too much background information is forced on the reader at once.

It's difficult to believe that this is only the author's second book, with well-written and interesting characters and an exciting plot. A mixture of High Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery genres, this story does contain some of the staples, including dragons, wizards, and trolls, though it also introduces creatures unique to the Oxbow Kingdom. The author has created a complex world, giving a deeper understanding to the politics and motives of the characters while still being entertaining. Most importantly, you'll want to learn more about the people and discover what happens next!

As this is the second book in the trilogy, the ending leads us straight into the adventure waiting in the final volume. I'm already eagerly anticipating the events to come in Book Three!

Thank you to the author for providing me with a free copy of this book, since he knew how much I loved the first one!


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